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Long years have passed most of the major brands in the Year of the Dragon recount, making a lot of Dragon Special Edition shoes, just to please us descendants of the dragon. But after all, a limited number not everyone can buy their favorite shoes. This time do not worry, NEW BALANCE already eyeing the market for the Year of the Snake, snakes always have dragons to say, even if the big dragon over, buy a pair of dragons can serve as a good decision. The New Balance launched the Year of the Snake commemorative section with serpentine for the spindle, again with the most popular animal design is a "life." To enable everyone to have more choice, New Balance also deliberately introduced several colors. Like friends, next year must not be missed, but also make every effort to take it home yo. Source: highsnob & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;if the trend of last year's fire is a belt, then the trend of this year's fire accessories is definitely a satchel. Major brands in this air jordan 11 space jam for sale year's fashion week, have brought a shoulder bag collocation show. Let's review A-Cold-Wall Louis Vuitton Valentino Neil Barrett Rick Owens see so many fashion brands in the catwalk, the inclined shoulder bag show out, you should know the way of how the fire. Then, let's draw the point. first you have a shoulder this inclined bag, he just right, not what concept?? He can't be too big to put in a notebook, like the following one. such a large inclined shoulder bag, if it is back in his chest, and I could stoop, not to go out to work ah, is posing to choose such a package, not at all handsome. can not be too small, because at least have to put the next cell phone, a bunch of keys, a wallet, if nothing can not be placed, it will be said to be loaded, forced ah!!! Although we are in the loading force, but we have heard a sentence, invisible pretend to force the most lethal. So we should low-key, low-key. secondly when you find the right inclined shoulder bag, back is also very important. First of all, of course, the shoulders of the shoulder back to the chest, and then Retro jordans for sale your straps can not be too long, too long, it is difficult to see, really do not lie to you, do not believe you try, the perfect back method is roughly chest 5cm or so. last , of course, is taking pictures. It's too bad to wear so smart and not take pictures. The street below brought a trendsetter. if you like this style, you might as well try it, whether it's supreme, palace, or some other tide cards. P + F 3M reflective single shoulder backpack $999 $1299 - APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience! do you still run in summer? In view of the hot summer is coming, New Balance Breathe released a new series of professional sports, and the launch of the Vazee Breathe V2 series of running shoes, and equipped with the New Balance NB DRY and NB ICE exclusive technology breathable functional clothing. More dynamic and professional equipment for summer sports. Vazee Breathe V2 series of shoes, ergonomic knitting uppers, knitt jordan 3 katrina 2018 ing unique breathable mesh guide hot air convection, heat and remove shoes, Heat collocation Foil insulation pads to prevent the hot air into the body of the shoe from the ground, even in long time can keep dry and breathable. dress part with "Made For Movement" as the design concept, design the integrated joint, let the movement more durable and comfortable, NB DRY and NB ICE exclusive technology, with sweat absorption, ventilation, cooling and other multiple functions, help runners say goodbye to hot and sticky feeling, without the burden of carefree forward. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience!ASICS encourages all sports enthusiasts to upgrade their training and move on to higher grades. Therefore, the brand also resorted to a desire to go beyond "WANT MORE IT global advertising theme. In 2016, ASICS's running shoes series will receive new members, and will introduce a new training series, the product line will be ex jordans on sale online tended to run outside of more sports. "WANT IT MORE" theme will inherit ASICS 60 years of brand spirit, and began to pay more attention to the younger generation for sports enthusiasm, help more people find self breakthrough. celebrates the brand 20th anniversary, the Japanese fashion brand, and Journal Standard has already planned a series of activities. This will be held in August 18th in the Journal Standard store in Shibuya, held a special planning activities occupied by the Vans shop. When the Vans and the deep roots of skateboarding women's brand DOGTOWN, ALVA limited commodities will be sold on site, in addition, also launched Vans Vintage and Pillow Heat, the London store? And is located in the Old School BMX black eye store SCREAMIN 'WHEELS' Shop in Shop' cooperation projects. At the same time, the store will also carry out LIVE performances, skateboarding classrooms, experiential lectures and other activities. Interested friends, don't miss it. VANS JACK for STREET CULTURE in JOURNAL Journal Standard STANDARD Tokyo shop Shibuya Shibuya ward God South 1-5-6Chinese shoes netw cheap air jordans ork Sept. 10 hearing, according to the Vietnamese "market price of materials News" reported on September 8, according to the latest one Thai "national newspaper" reported that the US International Sporting Goods and Nike footwear production company recently said it would in Thailand The footwear production base turn moved to Vietnam, because Vietnam is lower than the cost of production in Thailand. reported that the decision is part of Nike Group is headquartered in the United States under the current global economic crisis, plans to cut production costs. Nike is expected by the end of February 2010 the company will begin relocation.NIKE AIR FOAMPOSITE ONE? Has been introduced for 15 years from 1997, there were a lot of people are full of its future of science and technology of metallic materials deeply attracted, until today is still not a few pairs of shoes to replace his position in your shoe prospecting in the heart, can be said to be a classic unbeaten! Even if it changed the same way, the same material out of a different color, I believe that love shoes, such as crazy, we will sti cheap foamposites ll beg for the wallet, willing to pay the bill. so now, please show me your wallet Ready for the NIKE AIR FOAMPOSITE ONE Polarized Pink pink space shoes, and the rare women's shoes! This one sale shop is Dundun South eco shop, although at a small number of bowel sold, but more interesting is we can through the momentum Dundun Nandian Facebook fan page on 10/19~10/22 (12 by noon) organized activities during the day to get the 10/24 sale first purchase qualifications. Interested friends can click on the link below to read the activity rules. more detailed product release information Dundun Nandian Murmansk store address: Dunhua Road, Daan District of Taipei city a 187 Lane 12 Building No. 1 Tel: (02) 2775-5550 in retro shoes the power of the year, FILA will continue? This project continues, in engraved Grant Hill and Jerry Stackhouse? 's signature boots after another year? FILA's signature star? Kevin Johnson? FILA KJ7 will again hold, this pair of FILA KJ7? As Kevin? Johnson career in the first pair of signature boots, this is the first time since the sale of engraved engrave jordans on sale mens d for the first time since 1989 so very meaningful, but due to the Kevin? Johnson is now the Sacramento mayor identity, he is unable to accept any? FILA provided by the fund, so? FILA will build a new stadium for sponsorship fee donated funds for the kings, this color will be outside the official release in February 13th. source: sneakerfreaker?'s Adidas Springblade Razor, a Adidas Springblade, which was previously introduced briefly, is now on sale abroad. This small change, focus on technology improvement, the upper design collocation TechFit technology can lock the feet and provide better air permeability, and leaves 16 pieces of special shape to adapt to different environment to provide immediate boost ability in running or walking. At present, four kinds of colors have been sold abroad, and the operators in Taiwan have to wait for the relevant Adidas Springblade release information. source: Sole Collector is blessed with the shoes of the Rose series of shoes! Adidas D Rose 773 III, which has just launched its debut, is now announcing its entry into the miadidas service, buy cheap jordans online and you can design your favorite colors through different options. Among them, the vamp's printing options are quite special, and can be matched with the upper color of the color system, so that more dazzling shoes! to meet the increasingly growing demand in Taiwan run, UNDER ARMOUR to "Run With Fight" for the spindle, build in the Greater China region near the first Daan Forest Park running concept store, to provide a complete series of products running the shop, can keep runners one-stop equipment needed. The opening of the 28 scene invites CITIC brothers, Three Musketeers, Zhou Siqi, Zhang Zhihao, Chen Jiaju, and "Lady Iron Man" Xie Boshao to attend, and the four contestants share their goals with the spirit of Run With Fight. Three brothers star invariably said, through continuous training to challenge the limits of self, to win the championship this year as the goal; Xie Boshao said "Run With Fight" is every time she participate in the competition of mood portrayal, hoping to help themselves in the 2016 heights so will run. UNDER ARMOUR also announced the opening day of the an Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale nual "Run With Fight" fight group ran a course, invite professional coaches planning long-term running knowledge and training menu, looking through the top running equipment and professional courses both to Taiwan run out of the ordinary "Run With Fight" running experience, let all the people of Taiwan can become a running fighter. UNDER ARMOUR Greater China's first run concept store, close to running Mecca, full-service runner UNDER ARMOUR to create the first Chinese concept of running the store, the store area running series complete set, from clothing, shoes Goods are available in all varieties. accessories, more planning run exclusive locker space, equipped with a full range of services to meet the needs of all that running, running Run With Fight help, run faster further more. has set up shop for the general strategy, to set up outlets in the non traditional business district, said the general manager of UNDER Greater China ARMOUR Erick Haskell UNDER ARMOUR is confident: "always stand in the service position in sports enthusiasts, with sports consumption potential area store, there jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black is a lot of demand is a typical District Sports equipment area. So when we pick the store, we see the potential, but no brand in the region, as in the selection of athletes in general, the underestimated potential nova is always UNDER ARMOUR favorite. " UA, CITIC brothers Three Musketeers Run With Fight vowed to fight Jinghua iron man 2016The opening ceremony of invited to the Three Musketeers, "CITIC brothers" Xie Boshao and Jinghua Ironman national coach Gan Siyuan as a guest, by coach Gan Siyuan led four players for elastic rope, such as three urodochium core training, through professional knowledge sharing, transfer the right running and training concept. four players also share their running experiences and goals respectively. Zhou Siqi is the longest endurance runner in the Three Musketeers, and Jay Chou said he used long-distance running to train himselfKYRIE IRVING is a gorgeous skill now many people worship and imitation, but don't ignore the hard course, for example, it has become in many unknown to champion before, it has a secret underground in the basketball field, only a dilapidated dark environment as light illumination, but it is certainly not stop KI determination, otherwise it will not have today's achievements, and the training ground is the latest NIKE KYRIE 1 source of inspiration, upper deep and Swoosh mark bright vivid IRVING student practice scene, at present it is understood this color is expected to debut in Taiwan today, the pricing of NTD3500. source: Sneaker Politics time flies, 2003 ladder, a few talented new talent, now ten years into, each in the league have a place, you still remember 10 years ago, LeBron, Wade, Anthony and other stars wear what shoes? Melo Carmelo, Anthony's early endorsement campaign, Jordan Melo 1.5 recently announced the upcoming news! Jordan Melo 1.5 is the first signature shoe after Melo joined Jordan Brand, designed to blend elements of Jordan 1 and 2, elegant appearance and comfort in actual combat. I believe old shoe fans must be impressed with it. At present, according to the picture, the most likely is Jordan classic bull white / Black / red color debut again, is expected to resume next year, the relevant news will continue to provide you with reports. Photograph: Aaronknows The official release of the Nike Air Foamposite we look forward to Nike One? "Oregon Ducks" version sold around the overall use of the information, the green and black color collocation on duck feather pattern with a cover, and tongue, root and insole are Oregon Ducks, the color of this exclusive Logo? QS type and official sales information in December 30th of this year officially on sale, please love friends pay close attention to the subsequent detailed information. source: solecollector?the classic color heavy return Air Jordan 4 Oreo color to the quality of cortex vamp and the new color name Tech Grey show, Edison Edison Chan is also the first time out of the sun on the feet. broke the God @Pinoe77 in their personal social media Po out of this pair of black / red electro-optic Air Jordan 5 black suede uppers in blue and white collocation bottom crystal shop, tongue lining and shoes side with red shark tooth pattern electro-optic rendering, you do not know the color of the Jordan 5 has any ideas. no news about the shoes. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement trend], scan code take you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion trends, more free shoes true and false authentication service, you experience! ??????buy air jordans directly from china Love this look Come stop by TopLevelSalon for this gorgeous look Check us out on Instagram and Facebook TopLevelSalon cheap shoes jordans online pine die card have several punched and die cut flower tutorials on my home page if air jordans directly from china Love this look " /〉 shoes in Ohrpiercing Arten free flyknit believe in your dreams buy air jordans directly from china Love this look Come stop by TopLevelSalon for this gorgeous look Check us out on Instagram and Facebook TopLevelSalon New winter exposure VISVIM 2012 2013-12-08 22:19:06 Winter 2012 has not come, but VISVIM has introduced a variety of new boots. The initial offer Grizzly Boots Mid Folk, Yucca Moc Folk, Skagway Hi Oka and people most familiar FBT Shaman. Each one can say that from the classic, classic based on a variety of new colors - pink, red, navy.